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Whether it be at individual, team or organisation level, we take you on your very own voyage of discovery to achieve your maximum level of potential. We use our bespoke ‘DREAM’ coaching and workshop process to help you achieve real results.

Discovery - Meeting with you, the team, the key stakeholders - Understanding the As-Is, the Pain Points, Weaknesses, Strengths and goals/objectives.
Review Assessment/Audit - Analyse 'discovery' data and use instruments (Psychometric, Communication Preference, Styles, Culture

(diagnostics) to gain further 'insights' in to what makes you, you.


Evaluate - Review and prioritise key parts of your Life, Career, Family, Personal Development, Community development and apportion balance to each whilst also evaluating your personal style.

Aspire and Action - Your 'To-Be' You...where do you aspire to be and what gaps you may need to address. Identification of KPIs or measures of success and a personal action plan.

Momentum and Achievement - Specific interventions around change/people-related areas including High Performing Teams, Leadership Development, Communications, ‘Rapid Action Events - all through facilitated workshops.


Organisation Dev.

Many failing organisations suffer two key failings. The first around a lack of effectiveness – i.e. doing the wrong things or poor efficiency i.e doing things wrong. We look at both aspects and using tools, surveys and best practice provide a comprehensive review with recommendations on how to make significant gains iin both areas of ‘Effectiveness’ and “Efficiency”.
Our comprehensive offering in this space includes:-
  • OD know-how, mind-set and tools for individuals and teams
  • Consultancy, diagnostic and evaluation of current state and recommendations 

  • OD and Culture Coaching, support, supervision and mentoring

  • Organisation Design & Reviews

  • Organisation Health Check

  • Culture assessments – with As-Is and To-Be profiles developed

  • Communication Preference Styles 

  • Psychometric assessments (Belbin, Facet5)


Why do over 70% of projects and transformation efforts fail,  Often times it’s inadequate “change management” preparation and execution efforts. We provide the tools, the ‘know-how’ and the constructive challenge to enable you to be in the best position to realize the benefits of your project.

Our ‘change management’ portfolio of offerings includes:

‘Change Framework’ – Tools, guidance, training for your executive/senior leadership teams and other identified professionals.

Assessment/Audit of your current change/project foundations – identification areas of weakness with targeted recommendations.

Specific interventions around change/people related areas including High Performing Teams, Leadership Development, Communications, ‘Rapid, Action Events - all through facilitated workshops/conferences. Expertise where you don’t currently have the right capability/skills in-house.

Above all, we aim to act as your ‘trusted advisor’ providing advice, support and constructive challenge drawn from experience gained from world renowned consulting and blue-chip organisations.


Change Management

Whilst statistics prove the undeniable power of employee engagement, many employee engagement/sentiment schemes fail to deliver even marginal gains. These can be for a number of reasons including:​
  • Poor design, planning, execution and follow up
  • Lack of leadership/sponsorship
  • ‘Surveys only’ schemes
  • Negative culture through ‘league table-ism’  
Our approach ensures success by ensuring organisation culture lies at the heart of any initiative  it draws on best practice, seeks innovative/digital solutions and uses a gated core checklist requiring sign-off by a lead sponsor to ensure accountability and ownership.
Our approach is one that nurtures continuous learning and one that pushes for feedback and solutions from employees, which in and of itself promotes a more proactive and engaged workforce.

Employee Engagement

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